Season 1, Episode 2:
The Time Sarah Got Her Shit-Tzu Together

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Written by Mark B. Perry
Directed by Ellen S. Pressman
Edited by Jonathan Posell

Guest Starring
Patrick Fabian...Spencer Halloway
Janet Carroll...Georgia Halloway
with Denis Arndt...Archer Fitzwith

Harriet Leider...pawn shop clerk
Lyle driver
Kate Norby...Peggy
Phoebe Jonas...Phoebe
James Wallert...Michael
Featured Music
(Romy doing her hair)
(Romy and Maguire playing pool at the bar)
"Not Only Human" by Heather Nova (Sarah and Maguire kiss)
(Joss and Maguire have a heart-to-heart at the bar)
(Romy and J.B. spy each other through their windows)
"Moving Like Water" by Jenna Music (Sarah returns to the bar after the party)
"My Life" by Dido (last scene: Sarah tells Bailey she's staying in New York)
Rating: #84 out of 140, 5.2 rating points (#2 for time slot)

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