Season One, 1999
#1 TT She Came To New York
#2 TT Sarah Got Her Shit-Tzu Together
#3 TT They Threw That Party
#4 TT She Got Mobbed
#5 TT They All Came Over For Thanksgiving
#6 TT The Truth Was Told
#7 TT They Had Not
#8 TT The Millennium Approached
#9 TT They Decide To Date
#10 TT She Turned 21
#11 TT They Got E-Rotic
#12 TT Everything Changed


Created by Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

Executive Producers Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

Production Designer Bill Eigenbrodt
Director of Photography John Peters
Co-Producers Valerie Joseph, Mark R. Schilz
Producers Shelley Meals & Darin Goldberg
Producer Ellen S. Pressman
Producer Jennifer Love Hewitt
Producer Paul Marks
Supervising Producer Ivan Menchell
Co-Executive Producer Michael Engler
Executive Producer Mark B. Perry
Executive Producer Ken Topolsky

Opening Theme Song: "I've Just Seen A Face" performed by The BoDeans, originally by the Beatles
I just seen a face I can't forget
the time or place where we just met
She's just the girl for me
And I want all the world to see that we've met
Falling, yes, I'm falling, she keeps calling me back again
Falling, yes, I'm falling, she keeps calling me back again

#1 The Time She Came To New York: Aired Monday, October 25, 1999

Sarah comes to New York in search of her father. She doesn't find him, but she moves into her mother's old apartment in the Village with Romy, meets Maguire who owns the music store across the street, and gets a job waitressing at the bar across the street with Joss.

#2 The Time Sarah Got Her Shit-Tzu Together: Aired Monday, November 1, 1999

Maguire and Joss have an arrangement that they occasionally sleep together with no strings attached, and Maguire tells Joss that he has a thing for Sarah. Maguire kisses Sarah, and she kisses him back, but then apologizes and tells him about Bailey. Maguire goes back to Joss. Romy and J.B. try dating, realize they have little in common, but then give into their lust after bonding over their mutual intolerance to lactose. Sarah gets a great-paying job as a girl-Friday for an affluent friend of Archer Fitzwith's, but realizes that she'd rather stay waitressing than have everything handed to her on a plate like she did before. Sarah finally tells Bailey that she's decided to stay in New York, and has to pawn the watch he gave her in order to pay rent.

#3 The Time They Threw That Party: Aired Monday, November 8, 1999

Sarah and Romy decide to throw a party at 20 bucks a head to raise money since Romy just got fired, and Sarah needs money for a plane ticket to visit Bailey in San Francisco. In the middle of the party, Sarah finds the mail and reads a letter from Bailey dumping her. She gets drunk, gets a tattoo, and when Spencer shows up she asks him to take her back to his apartment. As she's undressing in his apartment, she suddenly realizes what she's doing and runs home. Joss and Maguire are hanging out with some guys in a band he knows. The lead singer is hitting on Joss, and Maguire tries to warn Joss away, but she thinks he's just jealous. She gets into the singer's limo, and when he won't stop when she tells him to, she jumps out, scraping herself up on the pavement. She then has to face Maguire's "I told you so" since she left her purse in the limo and he has her spare keys to her apartment. Romy is nervous when all the women at the party are all over J.B., and he's obviously interested in her but hasn't made a move. She asks him, and he says that he sleeps casually with women all the time, but it's more special when you're waiting for the right moment with someone. Cecelia meets a sweet orthodontist at the party when she's choking and he saves her life.

#4 The Time She Got Mobbed: Aired Monday, November 15, 1999

J.B. has an older rich mistress. Romy gets a role on a soap opera, but loses it to a woman who sleeps with the director. A guy with mob connections is interested in helping Sarah with a singing career, but he's interested in more than just her career, so she gets Maguire to pretend that he's her boyfriend.

#5 The Time They All Came Over For Thanksgiving: Aired Monday, November 22, 1999

Sarah's recording deal falls through when the record company with which she signs gets shut down for tax fraud. Tony is worried that this will mean Sarah never wants to see him again. Spencer re-enters her life as a suitor and embarasses himself in public at the bar to put them on equal ground. Macguire's power is out and he is staying with Sarah while Romy is out of town. Sarah be-friends a homeless man who turns out to be an ex-conductor of the Metropolitan Opera. Sarah ends up having Thanksgiving dinner at her place with the four men in her life. She tells Tony and Spencer that they'll never be anything more than friends, the homeless man leaves her, and she finally kisses Maguire.

#6 The Time The Truth Was Told: Aired Monday, November 29, 1999

As Maguire and Sarah are trying to start a relationship, an old friend of his gets out of jail and brings Maguire's drug-filled past out into the open. Sarah thinks she's not going to be able to deal, but she does, but then Maguire can't deal with the fact that she keeps trying to change his lifestyle when he's scared to do anything differently. Romy gives up on ever getting J.B. to have sex with her, and breaks up with him, which makes him realize that he's really in love with her. He breaks off his relationship with the older woman and promises Romy a new start.

#7 The Time They Had Not: Aired Monday, December 13, 1999

Sarah is almost broke, and ends up working for a woman who has to spend $20,000 on executive gifts. Sarah gets a taste of the high-life even while she's got very little herself. Cecelia gets pneumonia and can't afford to pay her hospital bills. Joss's sister visits and announces she's pregnant, which brings out their parents' disappointment in both of them. Romy and J.B. embark upon a real relationship, finally sleeping together, but then Romy finds out about Joan and is disturbed by the fact that J.B. would sleep with someone for financial assistance.

#8 The Time The Millennium Approached: Aired Monday, December 20, 1999

Maguire is robbed, Joss is fired, and Sarah learns of their "arrangement" after Romy kicks her out. J.B. stumbles into a dream date for the millennium, but backs out. Romy and Joss sit around eating candy and watching TV. Sarah almost ends up as a third wheel on Archer's millennium date, but instead brings all her friends together to celebrate in the street.

#9 The Time They Decide To Date: Aired Monday, January 10, 2000

Sarah, Romy and Joss go on a quest to meet men in New York, and have a contest to see who can have the first meaningful dating experience. Romy meets a theater critic who turns out to be married. Joss dates a single father. Sarah goes out with a string of obsessive guys. Romy lands a national television commercial. Sarah takes a job as an au pair for Spencer's stepmother.

#10 The Time She Turned 21: Aired Monday, January 24, 2000

On her 21st birthday, Sarah feels like she has no direction, and quits her job as Ashley's au pair. Spencer starts dating a supermodel, but softens towards Sarah. J.B. and Maguire start a DJ business together, but fight over a woman. Romy gets a national commercial, but has to eat the product which is a SPAM rip-off called FAM. Cecelia goes to her dentist friend, Andy, for dental help, ends up getting and losing a job as his receptionist, and agreeing to go out on a date with him.

#11 The Time They Got E-Rotic: Aired Wednesday, June 14, 2000

When Spencer's girlfriend Leya goes away on a trip, Sarah emails a goodbye for her to Spencer, and ends up impersonating Leya online for many days. Spencer opens up to her online, they have cybersex, and he starts to actuall fall in love with the woman online that he thinks is Leya. Sarah isn't exactly happy when Leya gets back. Romy's best friend from home, Molly, comes to visit and decides she likes Romy's life in New York so much that she's going to stay. Romy feels like Molly is trying to take her life from her. J.B. tries too hard to rush success with his new DJing gig with Maguire and ends up killing it early by over-extending himself. He also almost loses Maguire as a friend.

#12 The Time Everything Changed: Aired Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Romy is getting more and more jealous of her friend Molly taking over her life and her friends. Molly is mugged and murdered, and Romy has to deal with her own guilt about not taking care of her friend in the big city. Maguire feels helpless and is frustrated that the cops aren't finding the murderer, but Joss finally counsels him to just mourn Molly instead of being angry at everyone. Sarah wants to figure out what Molly did wrong so she won't make the same mistakes. Sarah befriends a young detective working on the case who ends up insulting her by hitting on her. Sarah accidentally telling a reporter about Romy's jealousy and the arrival of Molly's father makes Romy feel even worse. After turning to J.B. for support that he can't give, Romy decides to leave New York. Sarah is left scared to be alone and turns to Maguire.