Summary of
The Time They Threw That Party

Summary written by Miko

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
Maguire finishes bringing in Sarah's stuff that Bailey sent by UPS. Sarah's at her laptop checking e-mail when she sees Bailey online. She initiates an Excite PAL chat session with him, wanting to talk to him. He's busy and logs off. Sarah decides to fly back to San Francisco for the weekend to talk to Bailey.

Video Dating Service
Romy asks the customer Brian a few practice questions before they make his video. He says he'd like someone like Romy, only with "bigger boobs". Romy later shows her boss the video she made of Brian, where she zooms in on his nose. Her boss fires her and threatens to call her temp agency. Romy lets out all her frustration saying she hated the job, her boss, and charging $500 for the service is a crime.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
Sarah discovers it costs $1400 for a roundtrip coach ticket to San Francisco. Romy shows Sarah the things she pilfered from her job, 2 mugs, pens and paper, and best of all a list of the 100 "lonely hearts" in New York, people who didn't get any responses to their videos. Romy convinces Sarah they should throw a party for these single people and charge $20 a person.

Karaoke Bar
Sarah asks her boss for the weekend off. Joss just got a ticket to see the band Ad Nauseum as a tip so she wants to leave early. Sarah's willing to cover Joss's shift. Their boss tells them both no. Joss threatens to quit, and take Sarah too. Their boss breaks down and lets them, this once.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
Cecelia sees Romy and Sarah are planning a party. She won't allow it, even though Romy points out Cecelia throws a party every week. Romy offers Cecelia a cut of the cover charge, Cecelia wants one-third.

Joss is watching Ad Nauseum performed, but doesn't look like she's enjoying it. After their set, she runs into Maguire who knows the band. They go backstage where the lead singer Kenny chats with Joss. She's unimpressed by him, which makes her more attractive to him. Maguire suggests they all go to a party.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
The party is just getting started. Romy collects money at the door while Sarah is supposed to be pouring drinks. Sarah sees that day's mail and finds a letter from Bailey. She goes into the bathroom for privacy and reads the letter. Bailey writes that he can't make their relationship better with them so far apart. He's breaking up with her. Sarah cries as her heart breaks into a million pieces.

Apartment Building
Sarah grabs a wireless phone and sits on the stairway outside her apartment to call Bailey. She begs the answering machine for Bailey to pickup, she has to talk to him.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
Kenny tries to impress Joss, and finally breaks through with a joke. J.B. mingles with the women. Sarah wants to leave but Romy won't let her. Romy tells Sarah to man the bar. A man laments to Sarah about his failed relationship. Sarah can relate, she believes that after 3 years, it may not have been love.

Maguire pulls Joss aside and tells her that Kenny has a bad reputation of using women. Joss says she can take care of herself.

Spencer arrives at the party looking for Sarah. Romy tells him that she was the one who invited him for a mix of people. She still charges him 20 bucks to get in.

Maguire finds Sarah out on the fire escape, still crying over Bailey's letter. She's heartbroken, and not yet pissed about the breakup. Maguire points out she's stuck by Bailey through many hard times, and he only gave her three weeks to figure things out. Bailey should have toughed it out longer for her.

Sarah goes back into the party and serves up drinks, getting drunk herself.

Romy sees J.B. charming three girls at once, and sens him out for liquor. As he's leaving, he sees Sarah sitting on the stairway, leaned up against the wall. She's drunk. He tells her he's going out for more liquor and she hops down the stairs to join him.

Inside, Spencer goes to the party bar looking for Sarah, only to find Cecelia there. Spencer's insurance guy Larry comes up to him to talk about his policy.

Sarah and J.B. leave the liquor store. Sarah wants to do something crazy and outrageous. She wants J.B. to cut and dye her hair, or get a navel ring, or... Sarah sees a better idea across the street and runs over there.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
Cecelia makes her way through the crowd when another girl hits on her. Cecelia ends up choking on a piece of ice. A man comes over to her and gives her the Heimlich maneuver. He calms Cecelia down, then introduces himself as Andy Beam, an orthodontist.

Tattoo parlor
The tattoo artist offers to do a flower or butterfly or heart to Sarah. She doesn't want that kind of tattoo. She flips through a book of art and figures she should let fate decide, so she closes her eyes, flips the page, and points to her choice. J.B. and the artist protest, but Sarah insists.

Apartment Building
Maguire is still worried about Joss hooking up with Kenny. Joss believes it's because Kenny is a successful musician doing what Maguire couldn't handle. Maguire storms off.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
J.B. gets back to the party with the liquor. Romy can't believe it took 90 minutes. Sarah finds Spencer. She shows him the tattoo on her butt. Romy wants to dance with J.B., but J.B. takes off when he sees a blonde woman arrive that he was briefly involved with in the past. Joss and Kenny take off. Sarah dances with Spencer who admires the kind of person Sarah has turned out to be. Soon they are kissing, and Sarah asks him to take her to his place.

Joss and Kenny are in his limosuine, drinking wine and making out. He wants to go all the way, but Joss tells him to slow down. He continues thinking it's her game. She yells to stop the car but the driver can't hear her. Kenny tries again, and Joss escapes by pulling on the door handle and tumbles out onto the street while the car was still moving. She's scraped up and dirty on a strange street.

Sarah and Spencer take a cab to his place, making out all the way.

Spencer's Place
Sarah and Spencer ask Stu the elevator guy if they can take the elevator up alone. They end up in Spencer's bedroom, still making out. He leads her to by the bed and asks her to undress. She removes her jacket, then shirt, then bra while he gazes at her. After a few moments, Sarah realizes what she's doing and starts to cry. She tries to explain to Spencer that her boyfriend just broke up with her. She's very embarassed and leaves.

Joss is a mess and starts crying, wandering the street without her purse.

Apartment Building
Cecelia and Andy are sitting on the stairway. She tells him she's the superintendent of the building because it pays her rent. She is doing her masters in anthropology at NYU. He offers to walk her home, and she accepts.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
Romy is cleaning up when Sarah returns. Romy's furious that Sarah was gone so long and didn't do her part of the work. Sarah tells Romy she can have her share of the money because she's not going to San Francisco.

Maguire's Apartment
Joss shows up at Maguire's door, still a mess. Maguire is concerned about her and lectures her. Joss doesn't want a lecture, just the extra set of keys to her apartment.

Romy and Sarah's Apartment
Romy's still cleaning up after the party when J.B. shows up again. Out of curiosity, she asks him how many women he's been with. He says he doesn't remember. She's insecure because he hasn't made a move on her. He assures her that sleeping with women meant nothing to him, and that taking it slow is what's hard.

Apartment Building
The next morning, Maguire and Sarah are sitting on the front stoop. She regrets what happened the night before with Spencer, and is unsure of what she's doing. Maguire tells her that she has been making the decisions in her life even though she didn't realize it, and she's doing OK. She hasn't done anything that can't be fixed, except the tattoo.

Karaoke Bar
Sarah locks herself in the restroom at work. Standing ontop of a toilet, she removes her apron and pulls down her clothes to look at her tattoo in the mirror above the sinks. She reads her tattoo, "'Go Yankees'?"

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