"Time of Your Life" will not be returning to FOX and the last seven episodes will be left unaired.

"The Time They Were Scared of the City"

After Molly's murder, Sarah signs up for a self-defense class while J.B. flies to Portland, Ore., to convince Romy to return to New York with him.

"The Time They Cheated"

Spencer (Patrick Fabian) realizes that Sarah has secretly been sending him amorous e-mails, a la Cyrano de Bergerac. Sarah relinquishes her dream of becoming a professional singer.


Diego Serrano says he was cast as J.B. because of the great chemistry he has with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Serrano says, "They're going to do a little triangle thing," with J.B., Sarah, and Maguire.

From E! Online's Watch with Wanda

Last Wanda heard, there were no plans for Bailey and Sarah to ever see each other again.