8.28.06 - Pictures from the Emmys! Pauley Perrette and Jennifer Love Hewitt at the TV Guide Emmys party. Another of Pauley Perrette. Jennifer Love Hewitt on One more of Jennifer Love Hewitt along with Ross McCall on Jennifer Love Hewitt on the red carpet.

7.12.06 - Don't miss Eion Bailey as a newlywed in Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King. Bailey's story is "Crounch End," and should air at 9:50pm tonight, July 12th, on TNT.

6.16.06 - Hewitt Keeps Spirits Up for 'Ghost Whisperer' Actress reflects on the show and how talking to ghosts can be exhausting

LOS ANGELES -- Before heading back to work for her second season on the hit CBS show "Ghost Whisperer," Jennifer Love Hewitt reflects on the past TV season and how her character Melinda Gordon, a newlywed who helps earthbound spirits with their final tasks, may become a defining role for her. More...

6.13.06 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno the night of Friday, June 16th.

  Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall
Jennifer Love Hewitt
and Ross McCall by
Steve Granitz/
3.27.06 - TV Guide Caught in the Act: Brunch at Tiffany's: Jennifer Love Hewitt and boyfriend Ross McCall attend the launch of Frank Gehry's collection at Tiffany & Co. and make us really glad we missed seeing J.Love in that Audrey Hepburn biopic.

2.12.06 - Hewitt Backs up 'Ghost'-ly Role Few shows stage online seances for their fans. Then again, few shows are like "Ghost Whisperer." The solid first-season ratings for CBS' Friday drama prove it has captured the imaginations -- and emotions -- of many viewers. As both the star and a producer of the series, Jennifer Love Hewitt is happy to give it any additional promotion she can. More...

2.5.06 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be a presenter at the February 8th ceremony of the Grammy Awards.

  Jennifer Love Hewitt
Lisa O'Connor/
1.23.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Dead Wrong Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to be taking her otherworldly role on CBS' Ghost Whisperer a little too seriously in this Morticia Addams-inspired outfit. Her multifabric frock--satin, lace and tulle--with waist-cinching corset is simply ghoulish, and those long black locks don't exactly lighten the look. Love, you may see dead people but you've really got to draw the line at taking fashion advice from them. -->

  Jennifer Love Hewitt in If Only
Jennifer Love Hewitt
courtesy ABC Family
1.13.06 - TV Guide Online: Love Hewitt's Only Wish Is Fulfilled

by Matt Webb Mitovich

Years ago, Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt came across a script that she simply had to turn into a film. ABC Family's If Only (premiering Jan. 15 at 7 pm/ET) tells the story of Samantha and Ian, lovers who, soon after a regrettable row, are blindsided by a tragic accident that claims Sam's life. The morning after watching his sweetheart slip away, however, Ian (played by Brit Paul Nicholls) wakes to find Sam alive and back in his life, as he gets a second chance at that fateful day. The lengths to which Ian goes to save Sam from death — and himself from heartbreak — are great and romantic, but will it be enough? spoke with Christina Welsh, the writer of If Only, about her and Hewitt's labor of love. First, tell me about the genesis of If Only's provocative premise.
Christina Welsh: It all actually began in a heartfelt way. I was thinking about a close friend who had died in a car accident, and I was wishing I could have him back, even if just for a day to share a moment with him. And then the writer in me kicked in and I started thinking, "What if you had a terrible fight with someone you loved, and they were killed in a tragic accident before you could say you were sorry — but when you woke up the next day, that person was there? If you had the chance to relive the day, what would you do with it? Would you fight to change their fate? Would you fully embrace the moment?" It's one of those universal notions — "If only I had said this," "If only I had done that." Ian gets to experience that in this story. I understand that Jennifer Love Hewitt had been itching to get this made since she was a teenager.
Welsh: Yes, she had, actually. When she first read the script, she said it changed her life, how she approaches life and how she now appreciates what she has. It touched something deep within her. At the time, the company that bought the script told her she was far too young [to star in it]. Although I think she could have handled it with her talent, in the years since she has become this mature, very poised woman. She was able to play the role even better than if she had been 19 at the time. I hear she was heartbroken to have to put it off.
Welsh: She was, but god bless her, she didn't give up. It's a great lesson in not taking no for an answer. The first company that bought the script went bankrupt, and then Jennifer Love Hewitt, through her own production company, bought the script with her attached to star. Her perseverance and love for the project paid off for her. It's one of those situations where it was meant to be her in this part, and she made it happen. On paper, and even watching the first act of If Only, it looks like you were doing a Groundhog Day type of thing, but the difference is Ian can't completely change what happened. That's an interesting twist.
Welsh: Thank you. You look for ways to twist ideas and make it feel a little bit different. No matter what Ian does, things are still going to happen in a different manner. What can he really do to stop the whole notion of fate? There's a point where Sam gets to sing, and it's not just a powerful moment but is organic to the story. It doesn't come across as a blatant "let's remind viewers that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a singer" thing.
Welsh: I've had close friends and family [ask after seeing the film], "Is that really her singing?" And it's really her voice, which is phenomenal. And it is organic to the character. It's something that she's not pursuing and Ian gives her the chance, on the final day of their relationship, to have this moment and not be afraid. That's a great lesson. How was Jennifer Love Hewitt as a producer?
Welsh: Oh, she was great, very hands-on. She's still a very young woman, but I think because she's been in the entertainment industry for years she has this preternatural poise, maturity and wisdom. She wanted to be very involved in everything, from choosing the locations to getting a take just right to helping develop and define her character, who is an impulsive, free-spirited woman. She had a big hand in choosing her costar, Paul Nicholls, who is an extraordinary find. I couldn't imagine a better actor playing Ian — this guy who's a little distant in the beginning and makes you think, "Come on, get your act together!" And when he gets that chance, he's so emotional. It was driving me crazy who Paul Nicholls reminds me of....
Welsh: I saw a little Jude Law, and a little Dougray Scott.... He's like a younger Dougray Scott, he's got a bit of that look. Women are going to fall in love with him. I think this is really going to launch his career in the States, as it should. Not only is he nice to look at, he's also so good. I can't decide if this movie is actually recommended viewing for couples currently on the skids... or not.
Welsh: [Laughs] It's certainly a cautionary tale, one that makes you want to pick up the phone and tell your girlfriend or wife that you love her.
Welsh: It does, it really taps into that. It makes people more aware of how little time we have in the great scheme of things and that you do need to appreciate what you have while you have it. These characters love each other and are meant to be together; they just had to find their way into this great romance. Now don't get me started on the ending!
Welsh: [Laughs] Oh, we don't want to talk too much about that anyway. Oh, my goodness...
Welsh: Yeah, but that's the reaction we wanted. Endings are crucial. In the press notes, it says that Jennifer wanted the audience to bawl their eyes out at the end. Did you cry when you saw the first cut?
Welsh: I did. Like I said, the story was in my head for probably six or seven years before I actually wrote it down, so I was afraid it wouldn't live up to what was in my head. And then to see it realized on film is such a visceral experience. The power of the visual and the acting and the cinematography and the music... I was stunned by my emotional reaction. What I like about this, too, is that the director, Gil Junger, was great about bringing out the humor. You don't want an hour and a half to two hours of just heartbreak. It definitely has comedic moments, like when Ian starts reliving the day and Samantha doesn't know what the hell is going on.
Welsh: That was always important for me, that Sam remain ignorant in the best way. "Gosh, he's acting funny, but let's go with this! Let's see where it takes us!" Still, ABC Family should have invited Kleenex to sponsor this.
Welsh: [Laughs] That's a good idea!

12.29.05 - TV Guide asked TV's biggest stars to reflect on 2005, and Jennifer Love Hewitt said: "It's been a great year. I'm so excited to have found a project like Ghost Whisperer that I'm passionate about. It's great getting to go to work each day and do what I love and create a show I'm really proud of. My favorite [episode] was 'Lost Boys,' with the four little boys in the orphanage. It touched my heart so much, and I love working with kids. My favorite piece of dialogue is from the pilot, when Melinda looks at her husband and says, 'We're in the life business. Death is just a part of it.' I think that's exactly what our show is about. I hope people continue to enjoy the show and that we get renewed for another three years!"

11.11.05 - The People's Choice Awards nominees were announced today, and Jennifer Love Hewitt has been nominated as Favorite Female Star. The 32nd annual awards will air January 10th on CBS.

11.8.05 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday, November 24th.

6.7.05 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Slips Into Perfect Panty - Jennifer Love Hewitt is the newest body -- that is, face -- for the Hanes apparel brand. She will join the "Look Who We've Got Our Hanes on Now" ad campaign for a series of print advertisements for the Hanes Perfect Panty, which is touted as "everything [a woman has] ever wanted from her underwear." More...

5.17.05 - - Do you hug your boss like this? CBS head honcho Les Moonves clings to Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose new Medium-meets-Tru Calling drama Ghost Whisperer hits the Eye this fall. --->

3.17.05 - TV Guide Online: Jen Love Hewitt's Psychic Trends

by Michael Logan

We didn't need a psychic to tell us that the success of NBC's Medium would have other networks jumping on the afterlife wagon.

But a new CBS drama pilot, starring former Party of Fiver and Neutrogena hawker Jennifer Love Hewitt as a young woman who communicates with the dead, isn't as similar as it sounds. Or so claims the show's creator, famed seer James Van Praagh.

"Unlike Medium, we have nothing to do with crime solving. Our psychic is a ghostbuster who helps the dead cross over into the light," says Van Praagh, who previously hosted the syndicated spiritfest Beyond with James Van Praagh.

He based his pilot (working title: The Ghost Whisperer) on a popular Cleveland medium known only as Mary Ann. "She believes that there is a 48-hour period after death where we all have free will; [our souls] can stay earthbound or go to the other side," Van Praagh says. Love Hewitt's character will be married to a paramedic and own an antiques store.

Van Praagh — whose life was the subject of Living with the Dead, a 2002 CBS movie starring Ted Danson — says he "likes Medium, but sometimes they don't have it right.

"Patricia Arquette does everything," he says. "She has visions, she heals, she reads minds, she sees into the past and the future. I've never heard of any psychic who can do it all!"

If Van Praagh's series resurrects Love Hewitt's career from the dead, that'll be a marvel in itself.

11.17.04 - ABC has said that they are revisiting their project starring Jennifer Love Hewitt entitled In the Game (Touchstone/Handprint). Hewitt would star as a producer of sports programming who suddenly finds herself in front of the camera instead of behind it. ABC originally looked at this project for fall 2004, but is now ordering 6 episodes for mid-season.

11.16.04 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, November 25th.

6.2.04 - Although Jennifer Love Hewitt's sitcom starring her as an on-air sports reporter was not picked up by ABC for the fall lineup, the Hollywood Reporter says that ABC is still considering it for midseason.

12.1.03 - Jennifer Love Hewitt may be finding her way back to primetime with a new project in development from Touchstone and Love's own Love Spell Entertainment. While the story line hasn't been hammered out as yet, discussions are ongoing with writers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, says Variety. The show has not yet been pitched to the networks, though according to Variety, two networks have already shown interest including ABC.

8.28.03 - E!Online Fashion Police: Bob Story - Jennifer Love Hewitt gets all dolled up for the St. Jude Runway for Life benefit in Los Angeles. The bell-shaped electric blue strapless frock (from her closet, says her publicist), ankle-strap heels and a new pouffed pageboy make Ms. Love look like a '50s Barbie. And we'd be her Ken doll any day. Heck, we'd even be her Midge.

5.14.03 - Helvetica Bold at reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted dining at the Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks, with a hunky blonde guy. JLH ordered a salad and a Coke (diet, of course).

2.28.03 - Jennifer Love Hewitt is in talks to play the love-interest of Breckin Meyer in the upcoming live-action Garfield movie from 20th Century Fox.

12.11.02 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets with a Brit - Liz and Dick. Madonna and Guy. Now add Jennifer Love Hewitt and Gillian Anderson to the list of American leading ladies who have become besotted with a British gent. Love Hewitt, who recently split with pop singer John Mayer, is dating Paul Nicholls, her English costar in If Only, a romantic comedy currently shooting in London that the actress is also producing.... (warning: you may need to sign in to with an AOL or AIM screen name to view this article)

6.7.02 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was named one of the Top 10 Sexiest Women in the World by the mens' magazine FHM.

5.12.02 - Don't miss Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover of the June issue of FHM.

5.1.02 - Former Survivor champ Ethan Zohn announced on Howard Stern's radio show Monday morning that he and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt are dating. The 27-year-old soccer player said they've been out about five times, but denied sleeping with her.

1.25.02 - Jennifer Love Hewitt has signed on to star in and produce a pair of new flicks, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the big-screen romantic comedy "My Romance," Hewitt plays a frustrated artist who falls for a millionaire playboy. And in the Showtime original movie "Secrets," she'll play a young woman whose hubby went MIA during the Vietnam War.

4.10.01 - TV Guide Online: Singer Dumps Heartbreaker Hewitt

3.22.01 - TV Guide Online: Jennifer Pays Homage to Julia

2.28.01 - ABC had ordered a drama pilot called Alias, and set to star as a CIA operative is Michael Vartan (Never Been Kissed), along with Jennifer Garner who plays the lead character, a grad student by day/CIA agent by night.

2.23.01 - Set to star in a time travel thriller called "The I Inside" is Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christian Slater and Stephen Dorff. It’s the story of a man suffering from amnesia who realizes he has the ability to travel backwards in time where he learns the mystery of his brother's murder. The film is written by Michael Cooney (Jack Frost) based on his stage play, "Point of Death," opening in England this September.

2.7.01 - TV Guide Online: Hannibal's Next Dish: Jennifer Love Hewitt? The report on Jennifer Love Hewitt's performance as Satan opposite oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins in "The Devil and Daniel Webster."

10.8.00 - Mr. Showbiz: Hewitt Evil? The Devil You Say!

10.8.00 - E!Online: Love Gets Devilish

9.11.00 - Soap Opera Digest reports a rumor that Jennifer Love Hewitt will make an appearance on NBC's daytime soap opera "Passions" as character Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald's love interest in a fantasy sequence. The gossip started after a tabloid reported that Hewitt has a crush on Luis's married portrayer, Galen Gering. A spokesperson confirms that Hewitt has been to the set, but that she is not currently scheduled to appear on the show (although they'd love to have her if she'd like to be on).

7.10.2000 - In a semi-annual poll, held by Electronic Media, of television critics from 57 daily U.S. newspapers, "Time of Your Life" was voted the ninth least favorite show of TV critics across the country.

6.29.2000 - "Time of Your Life" has been officially shelved again, and it looks like we'll never see the last seven episodes.

6.29.2000 - E!Online has the latest gossip on Jennifer Love Hewitt in the Valentino salon in Beverly Hills.

6.29.2000 - The June 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly says that Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt are "losing it" since their shows are on their way out and horror flicks are dying.

6.23.2000 - Film: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marla Sokoloff ("The Practice," "Party of Five") and Jennifer Garner will play the girlfriends of Seann William Scott ("Road Trip," "American Pie") and Ashton Kutcher ("That '70s Show"), respectively, in the stoner comedy "Dude, Where's My Car?" Kristy Swanson ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Grapevine"), Charlie O'Connell ("Sliders") and David Herman ("Office Space") will also star.

6.13.00 - TV Guide: Carson's Hidden Heartache - The truth behind Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt's break up

6.3.2000 - Film: Johnathon Schaech, who recently became engaged to Christina Applegate ("Jesse"), is shooting a movie called "Forsaken" this summer along with Kerr Smith ("Dawson's Creek"). The movie is due to be released in 2001.

5.7.2000 - Film: Jennifer Garner has been cast in "Pearl Harbor," the forthcoming epic to be produced by Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer.

4.25.2000 - Film: "Splendor" starring Johnathon Schaech released on VHS.

4.18.2000 - Film: "The Audrey Hepburn Story" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt released on DVD.

4.15.2000 - Award: Jennifer Love Hewitt is nominated for "Favorite Television Actress" for her role in "Party of Five" at the 13th Kids' Choice Awards airing on Nickelodeon.

3.28.2000 - Film: TNT's "Houdini" starring Johnathon Schaech as Harry Houdini comes out on VHS.

3.28.2000 - "The Audrey Hepburn Story" was the #1 show that night, averaging a 11.5 rating / 17 share. An article about Jennifer Love Hewitt in "The Audrey Hepburn Story" on page 51 of the March 31st issue of Entertainment Weekly. Wanda at E! Online commentary. Ultimate TV article: "Audrey," A Love Story

3.21.2000 - TV: Patrick Fabian (Spencer) guest stars on "Dharma & Greg". Elizabeth Mitchell (Ashley, Spencer's stepmother) has been tapped to play the late Linda McCartney in a CBS TV-biopic scheduled to air in May. Variety reports that George Segal will also star in the project.

3.15.2000 - TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt featured on "Access Hollywood."

2.29.2000 - Film: "The Suburbans" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt released on DVD and VHS. "Finding Graceland" starring Johnathon Schaech released at for-purchase-price on VHS.

2.23.2000 - Rumor is Jonathon Schaech will only work in Los Angeles in order to be close to his girlfriend Christina Applegate.

2.22.2000 - Film: Jennifer Garner stars as a dancer in the earthquake disaster TV movie "Aftershock", to be released on DVD.

2.21.2000 - Happy birthday to Jennifer Love Hewitt who turns 21!

2.19.2000 - TV: Diego Serrano on MTV's "Loveline".

2.16.2000 - "Time of Your Life" will return this summer with 9 new episodes. FOX will promote it as Summer of Love. FOX will decide whether to renew the series in the fall. Mr. Showbiz story

2.15.2000 - Magazine: Jennifer Garner appears in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on page 73. Cover date: February 15.

2.15.2000 - Film: The 1996 mini-series "Dead Man's Walk" with Jennifer Garner released on VHS.

2.9.2000 - Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend, Scott Foley (Noel on "Felicity") attended the "Scream 3" premiere together. On "The Craig Kilborn Show", Scott Foley shared his photography which included a photo of Garner driving. Scott said she was telling him to shut-up. Scott was also on "Donny & Marie" and he said Garner would not stop talking about Donny Osmond. They played a clip of Donny hugging her.

2.9.2000 - Film: Jennifer Love Hewitt has been offered the role of Daphne in the live action "Scooby-Doo" film, still in development.

1.30.2000 - Magazine: Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover of the February issue of Cosmopolitan.

1.23.2000 - TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt presented at the "Golden Globe Awards".

1.18.2000 - Film "Sister Act 2" (1993) with Jennifer Love Hewitt released on DVD.

1.17.2000 - TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt presented at the "American Music Awards".

1.17.2000 - TV: The cast of "Time of Your Life" on "Donny & Marie".

1.9.2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt won the award for Favorite Female In a New Television Series at "The 26th Annual People's Choice Awards", shown on CBS.

01.04.2000 - "Time of Your Life" is filming on location in Los Angeles today and January 6th.

01.04.2000 - Film: Recent DVD releases: 1999's "Splendor" starring Kathleen Robertson ("Beverly Hills, 90210") and Johnathon Schaech. 1995's "Poison Ivy 2: Lily" starring Alyssa Milano and Johnathon Schaech. 1993's "Home For Christmas" (aka "Little Miss Millions") starring Howard Hesseman and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

12.31.1999 - TV: "The Audrey Hepburn Story" is set to air in the new year. ABC will air it as one of their Big Picture Show presentations, as advertised during their "ABC 2000" millenium broadcast.

12.10.1999 - FOX has ordered 6 more episodes of "Time of Your Life" for a total of 19, despite poor ratings. Jennifer Love Hewitt's contract limits this season's episodes to 19 instead of the usual 22 so she can continue making movies.

12.09.1999 - Jennifer Love Hewitt has been nominated for Favorite Female In a New Television Series for "The 26th Annual People's Choice Awards" which will be broadcast on January 9, 2000 on CBS.

12.07.1999 - Film: Jennifer Love Hewitt has been offered $2.5 million to play the latter half of a mother-daughter con artist team in MGM's comedy "Breakers", opposite Sigourney Weaver.

11.23.1999 - Film: "Splendor" starring Kathleen Robertson ("Beverly Hills, 90210") and Johnathon Schaech released on DVD.

11.18.1999 - Film: Jennifer Love Hewitt has signed on to produce and star in the MGM spy comedy "Bunny" as a college student sent on top-secret missions.

11.15.1999 - Magazine: Diego Serrano appears on page 29 of the December 1999 issue of US in a short article. Diego also has another one page article and picture on page 63 of the Dec 1999/Jan 2000 issue of Teen People.

11.11.1999 - Film: Gist TV reports on Love's Next Flick Warner Bros. romantic comedy Trust Me where Jennifer Love Hewitt will play a rookie FBI agent. Hewitt will also co-produce the film. Mr. Showbiz Hewitt Eyes FBI Film adds "Girl in the Curl" has been held pending a script rewrite.

11.11.1999 - TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" on NBC. (airs 11/12 early Friday morning)

11.11.1999 - TV Guide Online: Wilmer Valderrama Having Time of His Life but doesn't confirm or deny he is involved with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

11.10.1999 - People Weekly's article on Scott Foley (Noel on "Felicity") says he lives down the street from his girlfriend Jennifer Garner.

11.08.1999 - Ultimate TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt has Teen Esteem

11.05.1999 - TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt on ABC's "The View".

11.02.1999 - TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central at 11 P.M. Repeats on 11/3 at 1:30 A.M., 9 A.M., 12 noon, and 7 P.M.

11.02.1999 - Film: "Poison Ivy 2: Lily" starring Alyssa Milano and Johnathon Schaech released on DVD.

10.29.1999 - Film: TriStar Pictures comedy "The Suburbans" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt in limited release to theatres. (postponed from September 10)

10.27.1999 - The first episode of "Time of Your Life" was #1 with adults ages 18-34 for its timeslot, with increased viewership during its second half. The premiere disappointingly came in 3rd place in the Nielsen ratings for adults 18-49 with a 3.9 rating/11 share behind ABC Monday Night Football and a special rerun of "Friends" on NBC. By comparison, "Ally McBeal" rated 9.1/21 share in the same demographic. Variety article

10.26.1999 - Newspaper: USA TODAY: 'Love' is a many-splendored star This article reports Jennifer Love Hewitt will lend her voice to Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" animated direct-to-video sequel as Quasimodo's love interest.

10.26.1999 - TV Guide Online: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Body Language

10.25.1999 - Time Of Your Life series premiere!

10.25.1999 - Columbia Tristar opens their official "Time of Your Life" website at

10.25.1999 - TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt was a guest on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show". They showed the clip of Rosie and Love from the premiere. Love is the first celebrity to do Rosie-oke (karaoke), they sang "Put A Little Love In Your Heart."

10.25.1999 - Newspaper: Los Angeles Times: Hewitt Links Up With a New Party of Five

10.25.1999 - Newspaper: New York Post: East Village For Smurfs

10.25.1999 - Newspaper: Washington Post: Fox's 'Life': Winsome, Lose Some

10.25.1999 - Newspaper: Dallas Morning News: Fall TV preview

10.24.1999 - Newspaper: The Cincinnati Enquirer: Jennifer Love Hewitt is hard not to like

10.24.1999 - Variety reviews the "Time of Your Life" pilot. Party's over for Hewitt

9.22.1999 - "Entertainment Tonight" named Diego Serrano as one of the 6 fresh faces of the new TV season to keep an eye on. Also check out "Entertainment Tonight"'s interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

9.28.1999 - Rumors are flying that Jennifer Love Hewitt is dating Wilmer Valderrama (Fez on "That '70's Show").

9.17.1999 - People magazine and Access Hollywood report that Jennifer Love Hewitt has split with longtime boyfriend Carson Daly. UltimateTV: Hewitt Breaks with Beau. Mr. Showbiz: Love Hewitt & Daly Split Up.

9.15.1999 - FOX has updated their "Time of Your Life" page with the new cast, character names and premise based on the reshot pilot. It confirms Maguire is now played by Johnathon Schaech. Gina Ravera's character now has a name, Joss. The Havisham sisters Propensity and Verity played by Paula Kelly and Lizan Mitchell respectively are no longer mentioned (nor is Vincent Angell), and are likely casualties of the pilot reshoot.

9.14.1999 - Magazine: On newsstands today, the October issue of Mademoiselle has a Jennifer Love Hewitt cover story starting on page 127, with this site mentioned on page 128!

9.13.1999 - The character of Maguire has been recast, played by Vincent Angell in the original unaired pilot. According to Teen People, Johnathon Schaech now plays Maguire. Mr. Showbiz review of "Time of Your Life" still refers to Jennifer Garner's character (now Romy) as Daisy.

9.10.1999 - Read an excerpt from Entertainment Weekly's cover story on "Time of Your Life" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt here. TV Guide Online gossips about Jennifer Love Hewitt's Secret Pane.

9.6.1999 - "Time of Your Life" is included in TV Guide's Fall Preview online and print editions.

9.3.1999 - Magazine: Entertainment Weekly's FALL PREVIEW issue has Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover.

9.1.1999 - The "Time of Your Life" page at UltimateTV reports actress Gina Ravera has been added to the cast.

8.31.1999 - launches their "Time of Your Life" section with many photos, screenshots and video from the original pilot and commercials. CyberFive opens Sarah's Apartment, a "Time of Your Life" message board.

8.30.1999 - "Time of Your Life" is shooting on location in Los Angeles today, tomorrow, and September 2nd.

8.30.1999 - "Felicity"'s Scott Foley dishes to TV Guide Online: about his first on-screen and off-screen kisses with real-life girlfriend Jennifer Garner.

8.29.1999 - Magazines:
8.27.1999 - Film: E! Online reports Jennifer Love Hewitt will star and co-produce Park Jester, a time-travel romantic comedy.

8.24.1999 - "Entertainment Tonight" visits the set of "Time of Your Life" tonight.

8.23.1999 - Magazine: Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover of the Canadian version of TV Guide dated August 28, 1999.

8.20.1999 - E! Online's Wanda interviewed Jennifer Love Hewitt about "Time of Your Life".

8.17.1999 - Access Hollywood was on the set of "Party of Five" for Jennifer Love Hewitt's last episode entitled "Bye, Bye, Love". "Time of Your Life" will shoot exterior shots in NYC in early September.

8.13.1999 - Film: Mr. Showbiz reports Columbia Pictures is in talks with Jennifer Love Hewitt to star in the romantic comedy-drama "Girl In The Curl", also to be developed by her production company Love Spell Entertainment. Love's "Marry Me, Jane" is also in development. Article: Hewitt May Hang Ten

8.12.1999 - TV: FOX's "The 1999 Teen Choice Awards" with Jennifer Love Hewitt at 8pm/7c. The FOX broadcast included 2 different "Time of Your Life" commercials, a "Party of Five" commercial with scenes from next season that include Sarah, and no less than 3 of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Neutrogena commercials!

8.12.1999 - "Time of Your Life" is shooting on location in Los Angeles this month on August 20, 23, 24.

8.12.1999 - Magazines: A FOX event photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Garner appears on page 8 of the August 13th issue of Entertainment Weekly. Jennifer Love Hewitt graces the cover of Teen September 1999 (2 page cover story on pages 70-72, additional photos on page 20 & 68, Neutrogena ads on p. 21 & 31). TV Guide Online: Surf's Up at the Fox Teen Awards

8.10.1999 - Film: "Finding Graceland" starring Harvey Keitel, Johnathon Schaech, and Bridget Fonda released on DVD.

8.6.1999 - TV: Repeat broadcast of "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" with the cast of "Party of Five" including Jennifer Love Hewitt.

8.5.1999 - Magazine: Jennifer Love Hewitt appears in the September 1999 issue of Teen People in a full-page "Then & Wow!" photo timeline (page 240), with an additional picture on page 59, and Neutrogena ads on p. 39 & 77.

8.3.1999 - Award: Jennifer Love Hewitt won the award for "Choice Female in Movies" last Sunday at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards, as well as picking up the award for "Female Hottie of the Year." The ceremony will air on August 12th on FOX.

7.30.1999 - FILM: The Rosie Perez film "The 24 Hour Woman" featuring Diego Serrano, and Miramax's "Telling You" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt were both released on home video on July 20th.

7.27.1999 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be on hand for the first "Teen Choice Awards" airing on FOX on Thursday, August 12th.

7.27.1999 - TV Guide Online: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Bosom Buddies

7.27.1999 - From the Chicago Sun-Times: "...Fox is making Hewitt reshoot most of the show's original pilot, a year in the making, because, well, it wasn't very good.... Never mind that it is rare for a series to succeed after such a radical renovation this late in the game, although 'Touched by an Angel' and 'All in the Family' do come to mind.... And who cares that 'Party of Five' creators/executive producers Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman are battling the perception they are one-hit wonders, and a modest hit at that?....'I'm a little nervous about it,' Hewitt said of her spinoff...'Before I was on 'Party of Five,' I was on five television shows that were all canceled, so I know what that's like,' Hewitt said. 'If this one is canceled, that's all right...I believe everything happens for a reason.'"

7.26.1999 - Entertainment Weekly reports that Chris Keyser said that Fox was concerned about the fairy-tale quality to the original pilot. The second version is more grounded. The action now starts a lot more quickly, with Sarah landing a job in a bar and actually living life instead of just dreaming about her parents' history. Jennifer Love Hewitt will appear in three episodes of "Party of Five" before departing for the "Time of Your Life" premiere on October 25th.

7.22.1999 - "Time of Your Life" is scheduled to officially premiere on October 25th.

7.22.1999 - Johnathon Schaech (best known as the bandleader in "That Thing You Do!") has been cast as a love interest for Sarah. He will play a former studio musician reduced to working in a used record store.

7.7.1999 - Partly due to the fact that the pilot is being reshot, and partly due to the fact that Fox shows the baseball playoffs in the fall, the premiere of "Time of Your Life" has been delayed until mid-to-late October following a multiweek story arc on "Party of Five" which will serve as the setup for "Time."

6.22.1999 - The pilot episode is being completely redone. Check out the full article.